The Liebster Who Inspiringly Straddled The Sunshine

I worry that upon learning this post is about blogger awards, you will auto-eject from your chair. But please don’t. I promise I will try to make it worth your while. And no poetry like last time. See, you are a winner already.

Although one could probably be a red-assed baboon tapping random bits of prose and still win a blogging award, that is not the point.

The point is, it is nice to be recognized and even nicer to pass that recognition onto someone else, especially someone new to the “business”.

What’s that you say? You’re too cool to play the game? Well, luckily for you, I am not.

Although I have always wanted to hang with the cool kids:

Photo credit:

I usually end up with this bunch instead:

Photo credit: The AU Review

But that’s okay. As I always say: The geeks of today are the heroes of tomorrow. And even though the hero part does not apply to me, it’s still a pretty nifty quote if you would like to borrow it.

So once again I find myself straddled between the cool kids and the geeks. Participate in the awards or not? Make some readers roll their eyes and retch or make others pop elastic bands off their braces in excitement?

For the sake of protecting my crotch, which is overheated from straddling the sunshine (refer back to the title if you are confused or stoned), I’ve chosen the latter. But hopefully you cool cats will stick around just the same.

The Sunshine and Very Inspiring Blogger Awards came my way via JM McDowell, a writer and archeologist who often drops her towel. Oops, I meant trowel. And the Liebster Award came from Janet at Postcard Fiction, a woman who finds joy in tequila. Oh, maybe she’s the one dropping her towel.

So, to both of you, a big thank you. In all seriousness, I really do appreciate the nod and have reveled in the words of your blogs, both of which dwarf mine in sophistication and class.

I. Liebster Award

In addition to recognizing my nominator (that’s the smashed, naked lady named Janet, remember?), I must share six things that bring me joy and pass the award onto five other bloggers. Technically, a blogger should have under 200 followers to win, but since I was nominated during my fleeting 15 minutes, I’m gonna snatch that baby right up.

Six things that bring me joy:

1)      Chocolate. Duh!

2)      Traveling.

3)      The smell of a baby’s head.

4)      Diet Mountain Dew. Even if it can dissolve a rat.

5)      The Black Keys. Well, their music anyway. I think that other ship has sailed.

6)      And, okay, okay, my family. Happy now?!

Five blogs I wish to knight with this award:

1)      A Rich, Full Life In Spite of It

2)      fitnessGETZeasy

3)      Girl Friday Makes Good

4)      chanceofsun

5)      Jasper writes

II. Sunshine Award

In addition to thanking JM McDowell, my dirty, I mean dirt-digging, writing pal, I must answer the following questions without putting you to sleep, and then pass the award on to ten other bloggers. (But I’ll stick to five for all three awards. No need to beat a dead, smelly skunk.)

  • Favorite color: Anything but Pepto-Bismol pink or vomit green.
  • Favorite animal: The dead, smelly skunk I just beat.
  • Favorite number: 23. It always seems to show up on lottery tickets. It’s the other five numbers I can’t get right.
  • Favorite non-alcoholic drink: I already mentioned that in the things-that-bring-me-joy list. Try to keep up, will you?
  • Facebook or Twitter: I don’t grace the Face, so that leaves Twitter by default.
  • My passion: Getting through this list. Yours too, I’m sure.
  • Getting or giving presents: Giving. I don’t need any more stuff.
  • Favorite pattern: She gets mad; he gets mad. She pouts; he gives in. Apology accepted. Oh, wait, was this question about something else?
  • Favorite day of the week: I’ll let you know when I get there.
  • Favorite flowers: Who gives a crap? They all die in my care, anyway.

Five Sunshine recipients:

1)      Moments of Clarity—G M Barlean

2)      Sally Panayiotou’s digital bookshelf

3)      tales of a charm city chick

4)      For the Love of Food

5)      butimbeautiful

III. Very Inspiring Blogger Award

And finally, the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, which I suspect you find highly questionable at this point. In addition to again thanking quick-trowel McDowell, I must share seven things about myself and pass the award onto 14 more vict— I mean, bloggers. Again, I will stop at five. You’re welcome.

Seven things about me:

1)      I am curvier than Sophia Vergara on “Modern Family”.

2)      I was once married to Daniel Craig.

3)      I swam across the English Channel. With Daniel Craig.

4)      I won the Powerball lottery twice.

5)      I have a Nobel Prize in literature.

6)      I am an idiot.

7)      Only one of the above is true.

Five bloggers much more inspiring than me:

1)      Postcard Fiction

2)      The Dissemination of Thought

3)      Some Summer Sunday

4)      The Girl in the Cat Frame Glasses

5)      French Leave

IV. Conclusion to the longest blog post ever (is there an award for that?)

See, you made it through. Maybe not unscathed, but at least you are still alive. I hope.

And for those of you I have nominated, I sincerely do enjoy your blogs and believe others will too. That is, after all, what these awards are about. But please do not feel badly if you choose not to participate. You will not hurt my big-girl feelings. I understand you may actually have a life, and I am fine with polite silence. That is much preferred to the alternative: “Quit nominating me, you creepy blogger stalker!” (I borrowed the term “blogger stalker” from that potty mouth over at A Rich, Full Life in Spite of It, whose very funny blog you will find above.)

So, thank you again to my lovely nominators! I do appreciate it despite what my sassy fingers produce. (And I hope I did not offend you with any of the dirty, naked, drinking jokes spun on your behalf—it was all in jest, I assure you!)

Cartoon image credits: Microsoft Clip Art

43 Responses to “The Liebster Who Inspiringly Straddled The Sunshine”

  1. Smaktakula

    Was that a Wiggles dis? I’ll have you know I’ve seen them live! Murray is my favorite.
    One game I like to play while watching the Wiggles with my children is “spot the stoner,”–identifying which Wiggles are herb-friendly (the boys don’t participate in this game). I think I’ve narrowed it to Red and Blue. Watch and see if I’m wrong.


    • crubin

      You may be right. Sadly (or luckily–you choose), I never had to witness this particular production live, though I have endured Barney, Sesame Street, and Blue’s Clues live. Although I miss my cute little toddlers, I do not miss their entertainment.


      • Smaktakula

        I have three boys four and under (a testament to bad planning) so I’m in the middle of it. We’ve done a pretty good job of hiding Barney and Spongebob from them. They had a brief flirtation with the Teletubbies (whom I detest), but I managed to wean them from that. Still, we don’t say the word in the house for fear of a relapse. Ugh. Such an insipid show.


  2. MJ

    Thank you! I’m a bit late in noticing this (been of the internet for a bit), but I’m very flattered!


  3. Harper Faulkner

    I suppose I should be satisfied that you nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, but I am a little hurt that my name did not appear in you column today. Since you were Freshly Pressed, well, you’ve changed. Gone is that little girl that followed my blog so closely and lavished praise so sweetly. Now, it’s all autographs and “No, I don’t have time to comment.” Oh, well, we had a nice run. HF


    • crubin

      Ha! I assume you are kidding, considering I absolutely love your blog and am a frequent visitor and commenter! But alas, I had to spread the love around and try not to “bug” too many others in the process

      And sadly, I think my 15 minutes have come and gone. Oh, how hard they fall…


      • Harper Faulkner

        Of course, I’m kidding. I appreciate you spreading the love around. Loved your take on your 15 minutes of fame. I was pressed in August, I think, and was amazed at how rapidly my chart tower fell! HF


    • crubin

      Thanks so much! I’m glad you stopped by. I had a chance to check out your site this morning–wonderful! Am looking forward to reading more!


    • crubin

      And notice how it’s always the little guy who gets cut off with that music within seconds, whereas the Meryl Streeps and Tom Hanks of the world get all the time they need? Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by!


      • Perfecting Motherhood

        I actually heard one day that the “bigger” award winners (e.g. best actor, best movie, etc) get more time for their speech than others (e.g. supporting of supporting actor…) so that may be why. I just think if they’d all made their speeches like yours, they would be funnier than the bad jokes they squeeze in throughout the show!


  4. butimbeautiful

    Thank you for nominating me for the Sunshine Award, I’m VERY flattered! Especially coming from such a witty blogger! I’m going to deliver a really long acceptance speech – to my cat, and thanking everyone in my life up to and including my pet beetle. Thankyou!!
    Unaccustomed as I am to blogging…how DO you actually nominate someone for one of these things? There are heaps of people I’d LIKE to nominate for something or other.


    • crubin

      You are most welcome! Your nominees are simply the ten blogs you pass the award onto. So essentially, they are winners as well!

      To add the Sunshine Award to your blogging aclaim, all you have to do is link back to your nominator (me, in this case) in a post on your blog that answers the questions listed above (under the Sunshine Award Section). Then you simply list up to 10 other blogs you’d like to give the award to and leave a comment on their own blog that you’ve done so. Nothing fancy–just a way to give your favorite blogs their due!


  5. Kourtney Heintz

    Carrie, congrats on the awards! I think it’s more fun to not be part of the cool kids. It looks great on the outside but remember Heathers? Eek. Blog awards are a lovely way to show that you enjoy the posts other bloggers toil over. They are like hitting the like button on every post. :)

    Congrats to everyone you passed these along to as well. I’ll be checking out several new blogs now. :)


    • crubin

      Well, I wanted to nominate you for one of the awards due to all of the helpful writing tips you have posted, but I saw you have already won every single award known to the blogosphere! (Though you deserve them!)

      Thanks for coming by and commenting!


  6. jmmcdowell

    LOL — thanks for a hilarious post to greet me when I got back from the office on a Monday! Seriously, you deserve them all. I wish I could be so funny in accepting and nominating!

    I’m looking forward to checking out your nominees, er, their blogs, that is!


    • crubin

      Oh, good, I’m glad you liked it. I was a little worried you might banish me from your website after my towel jokes. Of course, you still have time…

      Hope your work Monday was good!


    • crubin

      Oh, my, I guess I got that one wrong. Maybe I should have entitled it “The Cranky Liebster Who…”



  7. Arindam

    Congrats on getting so many awards, Your deserves all these award. Keep up the great work you are doing with your blog. :)


  8. RFL

    Thank you blogging buddy! I think I made it through a post today without a single curse word. Progress :)


    • crubin

      Wonderful! But be careful; it might be one of those “one step forward, two steps back” sort of things!


  9. Sally Panayiotou

    Hey, congrats and thank you. Since I first saw it I’ve been wanting the sunshine award for my blog wall – it’s so pretty and uplifting I’d been contemplating just lifting one off someone’s else’s blog during a visit, stuffing it under my top and making off with it.

    As someone who never even managed to take so much as a handful of pic-n-mix as a child through a mix of moral code and fear of being caught (and after witnessing my mum march my younger sister back to the store to hand her four stolen sweets back to the shop staff), you’ve saved me from some heavy soul-searching and a potential life on the blogging run.


    • crubin

      I am thrilled to be the one to spare you from a life of crime! Yes, I visited your award page and saw you had just about every blogger award known to humans, so was relieved to see you had not yet snatched this one!

      Happy blogging!


  10. emilybarlean

    Thank you so much for the award nomination! You’re so sweet.

    Also, you are SO funny! I always know that your posts will give me a good laugh.

    Thank you so much, again! :-)


    • crubin

      You are welcome! Thanks to you, I have a great, new turkey burger recipe! Keeping my family’s colons happy one red-meatless meal at a time!


  11. springfieldfem

    Same here! I was just thinking about you this morning and how my next story is going to make you pee your pants. In fact, I may send it to you with a pack of Depends. :)


    • crubin

      Well, that will most certainly make my boys’ days, because they spout endless jokes about my inevitable need for Depends in the future.

      Looking forward to reading it! I am still amazed you find the time to blog. Such an inspiration! And for those of you who like intense, thought-provoking short stories, you should really check out JJ’s collection (


  12. disseminatedthought

    ” Diet Mountain Dew. Even if it can dissolve a rat.”

    Anything that can dissolve a rat has to be nutritionally balanced for the magic to happen, doesn’t it?

    Thank you so much for the award nomination, it’s greatly appreciated!


    • crubin

      Of course! And at least now I know that if I accidentally swallow a rat, all I need to do is drink a can of Dew to get rid of it.

      You’re welcome. I think your writing is wonderful, and I always look forward to your posts!


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