Cirque Du Awards And Michael Jackson

No more messing around. Now that I’m back from visiting my primate relatives, it’s time to accept some blogging awards recently bestowed upon me—probably by mistake, but no take-backsies. I know, I know, your eyes just glazed over like giant cataracts. But relax. When have I ever stuck to the rules?

The lovely Brigitte’s Banter clubbed me with the Thanks for Writing Award. Truthlets & thoughtbits impaled me with the Illuminating Blogger Award. And Raising the Curtain and Wendy’s Works tied and quartered me with the One Lovely Blog award. To these talented bloggers, I give a sincere thank you. I truly do, because not only am I honored by their recognition, I’m relieved that their insightful, well-written, and informative blogs free me up to write crap. I encourage you to check out their wonderful sites.

Now comes the rebellious disregard of the rules, which for my nominees, I have listed below so as not to be completely repugnant. But instead of sharing seven snooze-inviting bits about me, I’d like to share seven things I learned at Cirque Du Soleil’s Michael Jackson, the Immortal World Tour in Columbus last weekend. And oh, what a fantabulous show it was!

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Seven Things Learned at the Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil Tribute:

1)      There is something in this world that can drag an inhibited introvert out of her seat and make her dance. Of course, the stiff moves and crossed arms screamed robot rather than woman, but in my defense, knee bending and barely perceptible butt swaying did indeed occur.

2)      Michael Jackson was a one-of-a-kind, brilliant, all-appealing artist. One peak at the audience proved that.

3)      Americans cannot go two and a half hours without eating. Hamburgers, pizza, popcorn, pretzels, candy, soda, beer—all of it super-sized, of course. As for me, I enjoyed my popcorn. And thanks to its sodium content, I haven’t peed in days.

4)      A direct relationship exists between beer consumption and a whistle’s decibels. Thank you, Mr. Whistling Budweiser, seat J23, for my new bout of tinnitus.

5)      Humans are not meant to dangle dozens of meters in the air suspended only by another biped’s foot.  Unless they adorn skin-tight suits outlining exquisitely defined muscles. Note to self: Must add a few more squats to workout regimen…

6)      Even a one-legged performer is more coordinated than me.

7)      Stranded in a parking lot with thousands of other attendees waiting their turn to leave is the quickest way to rupture an aneurysm.

This is NOT Mr. Rubin and I, in case you were wondering. (Image credit:

Award Recipients:

After grave thought, perhaps ten seconds worth or so, I decided to pass all of today’s awards onto some wonderful male bloggers for the following reasons:

1)      These fellows have great blogs.

2)      I adore men’s ability to carry every piece of luggage and still manage to find the car, all while sipping a Starbuck’s coffee.

3)      I find it pleasantly sadistic to pass on un-masculine sounding awards to masculine members.

As always, participation is optional. In fact, I’m sure for many of you nominees, these awards will make it as far as the nearest mouse click to someplace else—if you’re not there already. But it’s my way of letting you know I enjoy your content.

Nominees (in no particular order):

A Clown On Fire



Gjscobie’s Blog

**–brain splats–**

Nest Expressed

Promethean Times

The Mainland


The Blog Of Funny Names

The Amateur Astrophysicist


This man from Microsoft Clip Art just won three blogger awards. Lucky bastard.

Award Rules:

For those of you still hanging around, much like my family was in the Jerome Schottenstein Center parking lot, the official award rules are listed below.

Thanks for Writing Award

  • Display the award on your page
  • Award it to your favorite commentators
  • Ask them to forward it to their favorite commentators
  • Link their page to their names

Illuminating Blogger Award

  • Thank the awarder
  • Share 1 Random Thing
  • Nominate 5 bloggers

One Lovely Blog Award

  • Thank and link back to the nominator
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Nominate 15 deserving bloggers and let them know

Yes! Still managed to come in under 700 words. Life is good…

98 Responses to “Cirque Du Awards And Michael Jackson”

  1. iamtheinvisiblehand

    So jealous you got to see the show…I’ll be planning my next trip to the US around the show’s tour dates just so I’ll get the chance to see it. I mean, I don’t think anything can top the Michael Jackson + Cirque du Soleil combination.

    Oh, and totally related to the whole spasm-type dancing : )


    • crubin

      It was a wonderful show. One of my favorites. Even if it brought out the robot in me…

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Kourtney Heintz

    Carrie, congrats on all your well deserved awards! I love how you break the rules. :-) I laughed my way through your 7 revelations.


    • crubin

      Glad to hear it. And now I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear my urinary system has recovered nicely from all of that salty popcorn…


  3. Ann Marquez

    Congrats and Congrats again! :D You go girl ;) And the MJ CDS! I’m jealous ;) I really thought that WAS you and Mr R. ! Good thing you posted a disclaimer. Very cool. ;)


    • crubin

      Yes, Mr. Rubin and I are often mistaken for professional athletes and acrobats what with our 2% body fat and extreme agility, so I understand your confusion…

      Thanks for stopping by!


  4. jeandayfriday

    Congrats on your awards! I was in Columbus this past weekend, too, but I didn’t get to see the show. I will have to catch it if comes around again. This summer, we are going to Vegas to see Cirque’s Love. I am looking forward to it! :)


    • crubin

      That’s funny, because I’m going to Vegas this summer as well. I guess we’re sharing vacation brainwaves. But I’m starting to wonder what I was thinking. A hundred degree plus weather? Oh, boy, should be interesting…


      • jeandayfriday

        I know – it is going to be hot, hot, hot! We are going in the beginning of August. It seemed like a good idea when we booked it in February!


        • crubin

          I’m going the end of this month. In fact, I’m linking to your bunny post while I’m gone. Too lazy to write anything of my own.


            • crubin

              That’s assuming I don’t melt in the heat. Although my boys believe that water is the only thing that will melt me…


  5. GJ Scobie

    Aw this has cheered me up no end. Thank you. I will return to say something more profound later on or even quote some rock star lyrics back at you. In fact I have one, ‘Starships were meant to fly’ Says it all really. I need to up my game :-)


    • crubin

      “Hands up, and touch the sky.” Nicki’s a little more contemporary than Tom Petty. Good to keep things balanced.

      Just having a little fun with the awards. Not sure if you “play” the award game or not. No biggie if you don’t.


      • GJ Scobie

        :-) Indeed it is. Yeah I do blog about awards so it is appreciated. I am way behind with catching up with them so I will eventually. I’m going to have to sit down and make time but I will. :-) I nearly gave you the next line of that song – better not :-)


    • crubin

      They do. But I think it’s only for this year in a select number of cities. Well worth it if they happen to have one out your way.


  6. frederick anderson

    Words fail me! No, never that – however, as all great works of literature are essentially a product of teamwork, I would like to thank Honey my dog for keeping my face lubricated unfailingly throughout my writing. Thank you, thank you, thank you – I shall now build a mantelpiece…. (was that too strong, do you think?)


    • crubin

      Certainly not. There can never be too much gushing. But there can be too much canine lubrication. You’ll know when you start passing worms…

      Okay, that last bit was perhaps too much, but I don’t suppose anyone expects anything more from me. Do with the awards as you see fit. I look forward to reading your book–you have a wonderful way with words, a useful trait for a writer, no doubt, but your sentences are the kind one wants to re-read. Cara patiently waits in my reading queue.


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