Hey, That’s Not Me!

Today’s post will be short, though probably not sweet. In order to make it sweet, I’d have to bring chocolate. The chocolate I have hidden in the back of my fridge. And that’s not going to happen.

As most of you know, my novel comes out in September, either on the first or the fifteenth, but unlike those restrictive Ten Commandments, release dates are not set in stone.

Image credit Microsoft Clip Art

So now comes the time to dish—both about the book and the process behind it. But how to do so without alienating those who don’t give a poo, while appeasing those who do?

As always, I’ll follow the houseguest and fish rule. I’ve mentioned this tenet before. You know, the one that says houseguests are like fish? After three days they both start to stink.

Therefore, after today’s post, I’ll publish three entries:

1)      My book blurb and cover art.

2)      A condensed chronicle of my eight-year writing journey, or what I like to call: “What took so long?”

3)      What happened after signing with the publisher, especially as relates to the editing process.

And that will be it. I promise. At least until the post announcing the book’s release. And the post on marketing anxiety. And the post on my fear of book reviews. And the post on…

But before I go, let me leave you with the following pictorial representation of my latest humiliation. These photos I took are of my publisher’s website, the page that lists upcoming releases. Look at the third book down in the September section. I’ve included a zoomed-in image for my fellow myopics.

See that? The Seneca Scourge? Yep, that’s my book.

But who the hell is Connie Rubin?!

Lovely. As if my self-confidence as a writer wasn’t low enough. Thank you, Sir, may I have another?…

The Animal House paddling. Image credit: www.theblaze.com

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