Freshly Pressed A Second Time?

By a stroke of luck, the Freshly Pressed Lords smiled upon me last February. My inbox exploded with comments, and my A-cup stats blossomed into voluptuous double Ds.  Of course, deflation soon followed, but my present-day B-cups suit me just fine.

What had I written that was so astounding?

Nothing. The good WordPress Lords fell victim to the same visual deficits I recently experienced during my annual eye dilatation and exam.

See my belladonna pupils? They’re proof that an idiot wasteland does indeed exist.


As elated as I was by WordPress’s hyperopic selection, my evil nemesis, Mr. Nasty Pants, quickly polluted my thoughts. “Damn, Missy. Why couldn’t this have timed with your book’s release?”

Ungrateful, I know. Evil, perhaps. Or at the very least, Veruca Salt-ish.

But I cannot tell a lie. Now that The Seneca Scourge is out, those greedy Freshly-Pressed marketing thoughts have resurfaced. WordPress won’t bite, though. That old “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on WordPress” will keep them in line.


And then it dawned on me. I have been Freshly Pressed again. Not by WordPress, but by you.

Let me explain.

Lots of you bought my book. Many of you already read it. Several of you shot off reviews, comments, and emails.

Some of you even mentioned my book on your sites, either in passing or as a review:

But Wait, There’s More!

You didn’t stop with that sweet sugar alone. Seven of you left, Barnes &, and/or Goodreads reviews. I won’t signal you out in case you’re shy, but readers can click on the sites to see for themselves.

Furthermore, many of you have tweeted in my honor or retweeted my own words. Plus, one of you will post an interview with me soon (I’ll link to the Joy in the Moments post when it’s up; you know my responses will be short and sweet—well, short, anyway…) and another plans a review (but I’ll keep it secret for now in case she changes her mind).

So, you tell me, haven’t I just been Freshly Pressed, after all?

My heartfelt appreciation for the amount of support I continue to receive cannot be put into words. This post merely scratches the surface. My book’s sojourn in the top 20 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in Medical Thrillers did not happen in a bubble. Not by a long shot. It was mostly because of you. Please know that I get that, and I will forever be grateful.

All images are from Microsoft Clip Art except the one of my fat pupils and forehead wrinkles.

Note: If someone mentioned my book on his/her site, and I failed to acknowledge the nod above, please let me know. It’s important to me to recognize and remember, because it serves as a wonderful reminder of the village behind my launch.

Update: 9/27/12 2:20 pm

RebeccaV of reading today has just posted a review of The Seneca Scourge on her site. Thank you, Rebecca!!

150 Responses to “Freshly Pressed A Second Time?”

  1. Kavita Joshi

    Congratulations Carrie…one question I would like to ask you – how do you tell that you are freshly pressed?


    • Carrie Rubin

      WordPress notifies you if one of your posts will be Freshly Pressed. When your post is featured, it’s a crazy couple days with lots of site visits and comments. Lots of fun but things tend to return to normal afterward. :)


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