Kindlegraph And Offal

Today, I offer a bit of dignified and a bit of crap. I can’t stay away from the latter—not with the testosterone overload in my home—so if you’re bored with my dignified, stick around for my crap.

Wish my blog content was as poop-free as this colon. (Image credit: Microsoft Clip Art)

The Dignified

A big thank you to author Audrey Kalman at Writing of Many Kinds for introducing me to Kindlegraph,  a website that “lets authors send personalized inscriptions and signatures (‘kindlegraphs’) directly to the electronic reading devices of their fans.” In other words, if you’ve purchased an e-book (doesn’t have to be a Kindle book), and if the author has registered with the site, you can contact that author by clicking “Request Kindlegraph” under his or her book on the website. The author receives the autograph request and can send a personalized message back to the reader, which the reader can then file away in his or her Kindlegraph collection.

If you’re interested in learning more about the process, click here for their short video or click the following: Kindlegraph FAQ.

The program is young, but what a cool idea (drawback: it appears you need a Twitter account to sign in).

Don’t you love innovative minds? Wish Kindlegraph was my baby. Instead, I spawned this…

The Crap

I didn’t know my eggs had it in them. Must be the sperm. (Image credit: Microsoft Clip Art)

During Monday night’s dinner, I erred by asking my male offsprings’ opinions on a potential hook line for The Seneca Scourge, in case I wanted to place a Google or Goodreads ad. To their credit, my boys did help create the following, which I thought was catchy:

The Seneca Scourge—Read this book and you’ll never skip your flu shot again.

But the brainstorming did not end there. Instead, it morphed into another frenzy of Awful Offspring Offal.

Allow me to share my teenager’s less helpful suggestions for my potential ad campaign:

  • The Seneca Scourge—Read this book and…

you’ll never get gonorrhea again.

  • The Seneca Scourge—Read this book and…

you’ll never crap blood again.

  • The Seneca Scourge—Read this book and…

you’ll drastically enlarge your man meat.

Oh yeah, welcome to my world…

I assure you, my boys are respectable, polite, and well-mannered. They treat their mother well. But what’s with those adolescent male frontal lobes? Does a neuron thread straight to the perineum? What do your kids pull at home? Or if you prefer, what’s your catch phrase for my book ad (it doesn’t have to be nice…)?

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      • susan sheldon nolen

        Sounds good in theory! I would like it from some of my fav authors.


        • Carrie Rubin

          I noticed the author of the “50 Shades” books is on there. Can’t imagine she actually sends out Kindlegraphs to everyone. She’d never get anything else done!


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