An Unexpected Gift

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A few weeks ago, Mr. Rubin arrived home with a gift. For me. Removing his tie, he greeted me in the den and said, “I saw something in the store that reminded me of you, so I bought it.”

Aw, sand me down and paint me sweet.

Eager to retrieve my present, I closed out my Word document and scooted away from the desk. What could it be? Chocolate, perhaps? After all, chocolate and me go together like newborns and placentas.

Or maybe a book. Wouldn’t be the first time Mr. Rubin delighted me with a good thriller.

But it could be earrings. He’s a master at choosing the perfect pair.

Or maybe a sweater. Or something for the kitchen. I do loves me some Pampered Chef.

Oh, the suspense was killing me.

“Where is it?” I asked, amped up like a school girl—well, as amped up as a flat-affect introvert can be.

“It’s on the kitchen counter,” the good Mr. Rubin said.

I fluttered to the kitchen. I flittered to the counter.

I found this:

Carrie Sheldon Cooper

A Sheldon bobble-head. Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. If that doesn’t scream romance, I don’t know what does.

In my husband’s defense, I do like my “spot”; I’m not sentimental; and I keep to myself. But I’m pretty sure I’m not rude, condescending, or asexual. I’m also not a theoretical physicist with a penchant for soft kitty songs.

But as I stood in my disappointed stupor, Mr. Rubin wrapped his arms around me, kissed the top of my head, and said, “For my little Sheldon.”

I’ll take it.

What about you? Which TV, movie, or book character do you channel? Or, as in my case, do others perceive you as? Do you watch The Big Bang Theory? You should. Especially if you’re a guy. You’ll look like James Bond next to those dudes.

On a side note, I want to thank author Wendy Reid for interviewing me on her blog (click here to see the post). How this amazing woman manages to work full-time, maintain a blog, and write fiction is beyond me. She has my sincere admiration and gratitude. If you stop by and leave a comment, Wendy will choose a random commenter to win a gift copy of the Kindle version of my book (or a $5 Amazon gift card if you’ve already read it). Hope to see you there!

178 Responses to “An Unexpected Gift”

  1. Anastasia

    Sheldon is oddly sexy, no? Lately I’m more of a Walking Dead sort of girl, but probably because I prevent its here and I’m Rick and everyone who pisses me of is now a zombie. Freedom!


  2. Arizona girl

    I looove the Big Bang Theory! I never watched it while we were still living in the US, so I’ve been catching up with reruns (yes, in German) here. I love funny, lovable nerds!


  3. acflory

    I’m envious. :) My ex bought me flowers just twice, however he did buy me two pedal bins for the kitchen once…. ;)


    • Carrie Rubin

      Yes, I am not the most animated individual. I can get goofy and silly for sure, but otherwise I’m pretty stoic-faced. Good thing for emoticons.


  4. Katherine CheckleyK

    Haha! Great post! I love The Big Bang Theory; my husband and I have all the DVD’s and we just randomly pop them in…uh, several times a week.

    Good question about TV characters too. I’ve always considered myself to be a bit like Donna from That 70s Show. And my sister is totally Jackie (Mila Kunis’s character). When I watch the dynamic between the two characters I always think of my sis and me :)


    • Carrie Rubin

      We have the Big Bang DVDs, too, and my kids will watch episodes over and over again. I’ve only seen That 70’s Show a few times. Not sure why I didn’t watch it more. Very funny. I’ve always liked Topher Grace.


  5. doncarroll

    that line of sand me down and paint me sweet is excellent. i don’t watch many movies and i have heard of the big bang theory but have never seen it. as to book character, i can’t really land on one and never been perceived as one. but i have 25 books by bukowski and he was some kind of character in real life !!


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