Blogrolls—Yea, Nay, Or Maybe?

Blogrolls mystify me. For a while I didn’t have one. Then I thought I should get one, so I created one. But like Violet Beauregarde, it grew. And grew. And grew. So much so that I suspect it bled into the next WordPress blog. Did any of you get bathed in my blogroll serum?

And no matter how much I updated my growing behemoth, its fluid nature defeated me. I’d follow new blogs and forget to add them. I’d retain “old” bloggers who’d not posted in ages and forget to delete them.

Perhaps I follow too many blogs, and this creates the conundrum. Inevitably, I leave someone out and feel like a big meanie. So I finally said, “Enough is enough.”

You Did What?!

I have banished the roll to my draft folder until I figure out my next move. So many nice folks have listed me on their blogrolls, and I want to reciprocate in kind, but having a freakishly long circus act is not the way to go. I did try adding the ‘Blogs I Follow’ side widget but discovered it maxed out at fifty blogs. Great. I follow three times that amount.

So until I conjure a more feasible option, I recommend scouting my comments for bloggers to follow. You’ll find humor and insights no blogroll can reveal. In fact, perhaps my comment section is my blogroll, since these are the cool kids with whom I interact.

While we’re on the subject of commenters, I’d like to thank my top five commenters of 2012. As my youngest would say, you guys are “pretty chill.” But I know these WordPress numbers are misleading, because many of you visit and comment on every one of my posts. How much this warms and humbles my cardiac chambers I cannot put into words.

The Top 5 Commenters of 2012 (Drumroll, Please):

  1. Milka Pejovic from Perfecting Motherhood and On her Perfecting Motherhood blog, Milka posts about family, books, and life situations. On her photography blog, she posts stunning, close-up nature shots. How do I know they’re stunning? I have a calendar and coasters to prove it.
  2. Starla from Starla’s Chat: This funny, sweet Montana woman hasn’t posted in a while, and I miss her positive and generous spirit. I hope she’s not buried in snow.
  3. JM McDowell from This archaeologist will soon have a book out, of that I’ve no doubt. Her premise for Death Out of Time has already grabbed and hooked me. Ouch, by the way.
  4. Smaktakula from Promethean Times: Have you ever laughed at something and then said, “Oh man, I shouldn’t be laughing at that”? Well, I have. Pretty much all the time over at Smak’s place. His sidekick sac(k) is an un-PC spewer, too and goes by the name of Tardsie.
  5. G.M. Barlean from Moments of ClarityThis Nebraskan author never ceases to amaze me. Her accomplishments are impressive, and her books are good reads. And she’s generously taught me things along the way.

So to you five and everyone else who leaves me bon mots, a big, huge, Hairy Carrie Thank You to all!!

Do you have a blogroll? Any suggestions for my own?

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259 Responses to “Blogrolls—Yea, Nay, Or Maybe?”

  1. Trent Lewin

    Interestingly enough, the blogroll was originally invented in Thailand. They would take the organic skimmings from a lake bottom (basically detritus of lake life) and scoop them up for storage in large black pots that sat in the sun all day long. The contents of the pot would thus ferment naturally, and after a few months, the sludge was ready for consumption. A few discs of rice paper later and the blogroll was invented.


  2. jannatwrites

    I like this post because I’ve been stuck with what to do about my blogroll as well. It is so out of date and it would take a lot of time to get it updated. I’ve been thinking of removing it, too but didn’t want to offend anyone. I visit a blog that recently added a “Worth a Fly By” section. It must be a fairly new widget, but it shows links to the last eight posts she “liked”. I may just go that route.


    • Carrie Rubin

      I like the idea of a constantly fluctuating blogroll. I’ve seen that post widget, too, and it seems like a good idea. Of course, it would only show a small snapshot of what I’m reading at any particular moment in time, given the number of blogs I follow. But I really like the concept. I’d love it if WP would rotate 10-20 blogs on a regular basis. Then I wouldn’t have to do any work. :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate it!


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