The Ideal Blog Post Length: Does Size Matter?

Unless one is trying to reproduce, shrinkage is not always bad. My point?

If you pedal backwards through my blog, you will notice post-miniaturization. In other words, goodbye high word-count tomes; hello reader-friendly nubbins.

So, instead of:

“Hey, all you wonderful folks, how’s the skin rash?”

You’ll soon get:

“Hey, all you wonderful folks.”

And finally, just a simple:


Well, okay, except for my Lazy Blog Days, the entries will not be that short. But my point is, brevity can be good.

Ironically, writing a short piece proves tricky, at least for me. But with my last few posts, I’ve tried to balance having a message with getting you out in time for lunch. Or for your S&M bondage session. Your choice. I don’t judge.

Pull my finger.

So what is the ideal blog post length?

Once again, I crawled into bed with Google, and this is what I found. For optimal Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the general consensus seems to be that a post should be at least 300 words. If you would like a description of SEO, you’ve come to the wrong place.

How about maximum word count? Opinions vary, though several sites I queried note 1,000 words as the upper limit. But even that might push the patience button. According to The Secrets of Blog Post Length, 400-600 words seems a reasonable goal.

I like the sound of that. And if it keeps you lovely people checking in, I hereby swear to abide by the following mantra:

Four hundred down low,

Six hundred up high,

If ever I should stray,

Pitch a fork in my eye.

Well, hold on. On second thought, let’s make it 300-700 words. My eyesight is lousy enough.

Nope. These are not my big red glasses from the eighties. But we’re getting closer.

And now, since I have a few allotted words left, allow me to share my son’s newest expression. It’s really adorable. In fact, I think I’ll start a regular feature showcasing my teenage sons’ verbal sewage. Let’s call it:

The Awful Offspring Offal*

So for today, enjoy this gem the oldest recently tossed out. Trust me, no context is necessary. Just know that my youngest son now goes by the name “Vagina Nuts.”

What about you? What do you consider the perfect blog post length? Is there such a thing? 

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137 Responses to “The Ideal Blog Post Length: Does Size Matter?”

  1. Xraypics

    “Sorry this letter is so long I didn’t have time to write a shorter one” – G.B. Shaw. Do you find you write from the heart and edit from the head? In my writing I try to chop about 50% of the words before finalising – I think it makes a difference – at least I hope it does. Cheerio, Tony


  2. Russel Ray Photos

    From what I have read, and I do pay attention because of some other blogs and web sites that I have, the new Google SEO algorithms like 300-700 words. Apparently 300 shows that you’re serious about your subject matter, and anything over 700 is deemed boring to your readers.


    • crubin

      Well, then it appears I am in the right range. I think when people read a lot of blogs, size becomes important, especially with the time factor. Of course, now that I’ve committed myself to this word range, I better stick to it!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  3. legionwriter

    I’ve pondered this at length. My limited experience tells me that the shorter the entry, the more likely you’ll get comments and not just a bunch of “likes”.
    My conclusion – it doesn’t matter enough for me to focus much on it. I just accept in advance that a long blog post will result in a lot more blogosphere silence.


    • crubin

      I think you’re probably right. I should go back and review my posts–see if the longer ones have less comments.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it.


  4. subtlekate

    I’m sure there should be some kind of law, because the more I stuff in, the less I enjoy. Some room to move is essential.


    • crubin

      I think you have the perfect balance of quality and quantity in your posts–a style to emulate for sure. I know you always keep me coming back!


  5. Arizona girl

    My blogs always seem to land right around 300. Maybe I should work on getting out just a few more words, if I ever manage to sit down and write a complete blog again… (I have plenty of ideas thanks to the funny/interesting/strange things I see when I’m out and about; it’s the sitting down part that I’m having troubles with. Glad though that you always provide an entertaining read!)


    • crubin

      Your brief posts are content-rich and a pleasure to read, so I think you’ve landed on the right formula. And even if you don’t get to the “sitting down part” that often, at least you are out living your life.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on a number of my posts. I appreciate it!


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