Glass Doors And Gorillas

Today I’m roaming around my state’s capital. The last time I was here, my family and I popped over to the zoo—we like to visit relatives in the gorilla quarters when we get the chance—and no sooner had I finished saying, “Oh, look kids, they’re so human-like,” when the biggest gorilla clutched a piece of poo and ate it.

So, in the event that happens today, and I lose all ability to articulate anything but disgust, I invite you to check out this very funny post by Daniel Nest at Nest Expressed. It’s entitled “7 ways to walk into glass.” I really hope you’ll read it and watch the videos. You won’t be disappointed.

Daniel’s not on WordPress, so I trapped him in my Google Reader and always look forward to his posts. He grew up in Ukraine and now lives in Denmark, and his wit and charm are palpable.

Given I won’t be around to respond, I’ve closed off the comments for this post. Oh, come now; don’t pretend having one less comment to write doesn’t thrill you. And please forgive my absence from your blogs in the next couple days. Like an allergy, I will be back.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I hear my uncle beating his chest and grunting…

Uncle Lou from his Microsoft Clip Art cave


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