What’s Your One Word?

Let’s do something different today. It won’t take long; I promise. And although the post begins in sad, it ends in fun.

This is what my kids see when I talk to them. Minus the cleavage. (Image credit: Microsoft Clip Art)

The Sad

Two years ago, I attended my mother-in-law’s funeral. The woman was kind, selfless, and a joy to be around—nothing at all like those vicious mother-in-law stereotypes. In hospice, as her sentences became shorter, her children suggested she describe each family member using only one word. At the funeral, her oldest daughter read through the list of single-word descriptions for every child and grandchild. Learning how she perceived each of us was poignant and touching, and not a dry eye remained.

The Fun

In a much lighter vein, I’d like to do the same with you. In the comment section below, feel free to type one word in the box, a word that describes you. It can be humorous or sincere, and there’s no need for modesty. In response, I will type one word I’d use to describe you. How spot on do you think I’ll be based on our few—or our many—online interactions? Then again, does it really matter? You only have to type one word in the box. Plenty of time left over for other—and by ‘other’ I mean less idiotic—pursuits.

Wait…maybe this is what my kids see. (Image credit: Microsoft Clip Art)

If this is your first visit, don’t despair. You can still leave a one-word description of yourself. I’ll type a thank-you in return and learn something about you in the process. Ain’t that just a sweet treat?


Okay, I’ll start.

If I could only pick one word to describe myself, I would say ‘conscientious.’ Why? Because it sounds much less tight-ass than ‘perfectionist.’

Your turn.

What ONE word would you use to describe yourself? 

352 Responses to “What’s Your One Word?”

    • Carrie Rubin


      (After seeing you in action, I can’t think of any other word to describe you, so I agree wholeheartedly with your self-description…)


    • Carrie Rubin

      You’re right–empathy is good, but sometimes it risks bringing us down with others, doesn’t it?

      From the bit I’ve seen of your blog, I would give you the word ‘fit,” as in good physical shape. Not just because you’re a yoga practitioner, but because you can chase an errant dog with incredible agility.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  1. leejtyler

    I love this game you’ve thought up. When it’s a back and forth of one word answers it’s like the antithesis of name-calling. So, for me, I’ll just go with sincere. I had all of these high-minded words for you but I kept laughing out loud at your answers, so for you:


    • Carrie Rubin

      Thank you! I’ll take ‘hilarious’ any day. And after reading through your more recent blog posts, I’d have to say ‘dedicated’ for you. Apparently, even a trip to the ER doesn’t slow down your writing.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


  2. butimbeautiful

    Carrie – I just downloaded your book, which I hadn’t realised was now on Amazon for kindle! Now for some well-earned child neglect while I read it…and thank you for your kind words re a A Warm Wind.


    • Carrie Rubin

      You’re welcome. I thought your book was wonderful. I hope you’re working on another. I enjoy your writing style–so clean yet loaded with nuance.

      And thank you for the support of my book! It’s very much appreciated. I hope you enjoy it.


    • Carrie Rubin

      Interesting word. I’ll write more than a one-word response since I haven’t really interacted with you before, but after reading your “about” page on your blog, I imagine the word ‘devoted’ could easily be applied to you. Sounds like you went through quite the ordeal with your wife.

      Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate it.


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