Yoga Yoda Helps Me Find Ergonomic Zen

If you already thought I was weird, this post will confirm your suspicions.

Yoda Carrie

I’ve written about desk ergonomics for writers before. I’ve also posted about my love of the treadmill shelf that allows me to write while walking at a slow pace, thereby putting my back at ease. But let’s face it, there is only so much time I can spend on my treadmill. After all, I’m not participating in March Across America While Keyboarding.

Unfortunately, when I work at my desk, my back doesn’t always cooperate.

So I started thinking: what might be the best position to assume while writing, one that sets my weary back at ease?

Oh, Yoga Yoda, Can You Help Me, Pretty Please?

Enlightened me, this sage Master did.

Allow me to share his suggestions, along with his commentary, in increasing pose complexity:

Downward Dog Yoda

Downward Dog Yoda

“A basic, yet always reliable, back pleaser one finds.”

Upward Dog Yoda

Upward dog Yoda

“Ah, pleasure, the clenched butt is.”

Warrior Two Yoda 

Warrior Two Yoda

“Clever, but caution one needs. Tricky, the typing may be.”

Half-Moon Yoda 

Half Moon Yoda

“A wise practitioner sides will switch. If not, one leg becomes tree trunk, while other limb becomes twig.”

The Crow Yoda 

Crow Yoda

“Most challenging perhaps, of all. In this position, skin-to-skin contact suggests I. Otherwise, face-first onto laptop one falls.”

The Plow Yoda 

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

“For this pose, photo from Wikimedia Commons will use. Know you better one must, before posting picture of own butt in air.”

Ah, so many options. So much serenity.


Do any of you suffer back pain when confined to a desk? What positions do you assume? Do you do yoga? With Yoda?

248 Responses to “Yoga Yoda Helps Me Find Ergonomic Zen”

  1. Andrea

    Ah, the plow is SO bad for you. Crazy bad. As are headstands for anyone over 50 lbs. My back hurts all the time, so I leap up, rush into the room next door, demand an adjustment and a massage, get rebuffed, go back to my room and use my mini thumper to massage my own dang back. Oh, and solpadeine. I’m not too proud a Chiropractor that I won’t use drugs to dull agony. There’s also acupuncture. And naps. Lots of naps. And chocolate. duh. Neck isometrics, cervical traction, tennis balls under the back supine. chocolate again.


    • Carrie Rubin

      I don’t do shoulder stands or headstands, as I know they’re not good for the back. And I know the plow isn’t either, so I rarely do that pose. Except for when I’m dressed as Yoda and taking pictures for my blog…

      Welcome back!


      • Andrea

        Thanks woman! Have I post about Thailand then get back to business. I’m slow to rev up though. 🙂


  2. aliceatwonderland

    Yoga with Yoda is awesome! I’m sure I could pull Thing Two into Yoga with that one, the little Star Wars maniac. And you know Yoga was doing that Yoda zen crap all the time, sitting there on his little beanbag. Also Yoga Yoda Yoga Yoda is a lot of fun to say.


  3. Rohan 7 Things

    Haha, awesome, thanks for sharing master Yoga Yoda!



  4. Lucky Wreck

    BHAhahaaa!! This may be my favorite post, ever! I’ve always been a huge fan of Yoda…with Yoda as a Yoga master…I will never put off doing Yoga again! 😉


    • Carrie Rubin

      Glad you liked it! I’m a bit worried I may look back at this one and say, “What was I thinking?” Well, at least I didn’t wear the Darth Vader costume that also found its way into our home. Perhaps another time…


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