“En Garde: My Battle with Breast Cancer” and The Mind-Body Connection

I recently read En Garde: My Battle with Breast Cancer by author and fellow blogger Ronnie Hammer

en garde my battle with breast cancer

In it, Ms. Hammer discusses the fear and anxiety she faced after being diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer. Even though she had the support of family and friends, she was alone during the treatment sessions. To help cope, she created a unique visualization technique, a tiny British man named Percy who fenced the enemy cancer cells with his umbrella. (I love that!)

The experience sparked her interest in biofeedback, and she went on to receive training in the field and now helps others with the process. In the book, Ms. Hammer describes how anxiety wreaks havoc upon our bodies. She then walks the reader through the steps of active relaxation, measures applicable to anyone experiencing stress.

As a physician, I’m always interested in how people cope with illness and anxiety, and I’m a firm believer in the mind-body connection. As such, I wanted to make others aware of this wonderful book should they or a loved one face similar challenges.

As for my own stress-busting image, how about the Mediterranean?

med view blog

My apologies for closing comments. Busy week. Perhaps you can just visualize that you left one?…

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