Eating Bull, ThrillerFest, And New York In A Nutshell

No pussyfootin’ around today. I’m getting straight to the good stuff.

I am happy to announce I will not look like this before Eating Bull sees the light of day.

skeleton in car

Last week I signed a contract with a small publisher that specializes in science and medical thrillers. So although Eating Bull didn’t get selected by Amazon Kindle Press, the visibility it received opened a new door. Plus, given it’s already spit-polished and has a book cover and reviews, a fall release is anticipated, in both e-book and paperback forms.

An additional cherry? I met with the publisher in New York recently when I attended ThrillerFest, an annual conference for thriller writers.

Yes, me the introvert.

Met with someone I didn’t know.

Believe it or not.

Granted, she was the only person I met with, but I consider that progress.

Let’s move on.

ThrillerFest X

Thrillerfest sign grand hyatt

In the Grand Hyatt lobby

You know that tingling sensation you get when you’re about to enter a world you love? Well, when I stepped into New York’s Grand Hyatt hotel on East 42nd Street, I was so awash in it, I was practically seizing.

  • Nelson DeMille
  • Kathy Reichs
  • Clive Cussler
  • Sandra Brown
  • R.L. Stine
  • Scott Turow

Those authors and more were on hand. Oh, and did someone say free books? Yeah, I picked up fourteen of them. And I even got a book signed by one of my favs, Kathy Reichs, the forensic anthropologist whose fiction series was developed into the TV show Bones.

So, so titillating.

So, so titillating. And so, so free.

New York

As if that wasn’t enough, I got to enjoy five days in New York City with youngest teen son. Given he’s a magician, seeing Penn & Teller on Broadway was a must. But that also means I spent more time in Tannen’s Magic Shop  than I would have if I’d gone to New York alone (which in that case would have been no time at all). Same goes for Midtown Comics.

But my dear son deserved those respites. After all, he suffered these visual assaults in Times Square:

Just be grateful I didn’t include one of the Naked Grandma.

If only I’d snapped one of the Naked Grandma.


Sexy Baby? Try Creepy Baby.

Sexy Baby? Try Creepy Baby.

Not to mention the pain and humiliation he withstood while his mother took this picture:

Anatomically perfect V-Man.

Anatomically perfect V-Man

But I assure you, my extracurricular photo-taking was due solely to my medical appreciation of human anatomy. I’m not a weirdo. Promise.

Er…I plead the Fifth.

Er…I plead the Fifth.

Okay, enough tooting my giddy horn. But between Kindle Press’s public rejection of my manuscript after a month of uncomfortable promotion (whoo wee, slap my knee, that sure as heck was fun!) and my husband losing vision in one eye, June sucked a big, fat lollipop. So I figured you’d allow me to toot a bit.

But June is gone, my book has a home, and though not resolved, my husband’s vision problem is better. So life is fine.

Well, at least until August when oldest teen son leaves for college…

Hope your summer is going well. What have you been up to? Come on, toot your giddy horn for me.

*     *     *

Rubin4Carrie Rubin is the author of The Seneca Scourgea medical thriller. For full bio, click here.

292 Responses to “Eating Bull, ThrillerFest, And New York In A Nutshell”

  1. The Good Greatsby

    I’m currently visiting New York and will have to check out Tannen’s. I’ve run out of ways to impress my kids and maybe a new magic trick is in order. I did see the Naked Cowboy and I’ll be on the lookout for the Naked Grandma.


    • Carrie Rubin

      Be careful! You might get a mental image you can never erase!

      Have a wonderful time in the city. And thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment here.


  2. peakperspective

    A huge congratulations, Carrie! I’m so happy to hear that the book has been embraced by a house that will love and care for it. All that work was not for naught. Definitely a sign of things heading in the “write” direction.
    And what a fantastic opportunity to attend Thriller Fest. I can only imagine how giddy you must have been surrounded by some of the most talented writers in this genre. Such a treat – and no doubt hugely inspirational.


    • Carrie Rubin

      Thank you! It’s a relief to be moving forward, no doubt. And ThrillerFest was amazing. I’d love to be able to go again next year. It’s costly, but I don’t do other writers’ conferences (yet) so that helps make up for it.


  3. reocochran

    I had to have eye surgery for something called “narrow eye glaucoma,” Carrie. Laser surgery was not as bad as the “dark curtain coming down” which my gloomy German opthamologist says to let him know if this happens as soon as possible. I jest not!
    Anyway, I am sympathetic towards your husband and happy for your teenaged son:)
    Very excited for your meeting and seeing the famous authors. Wow! I like Katherine Reich, too. The free books are outstanding, along with connections. This sounded like an amazing trip.


    • Carrie Rubin

      It was a wonderful trip, all the more wonderful having my son there too. I’m actually reading a Kathy Reichs book now! It’s the one right before the book she autographed for me. 🙂

      Sounds like you had a scary eye thing of your own. Yikes. So far, hubs is responding to meds which is great.



  4. Sue Slaght

    Carrie you should definitely be tooting your horn. Woot, woot!! Congratulations. June does not sound good at all. How is your husband now?


  5. Dawn Quyle Landau

    Ok, so I’m slow on the uptake with catching up on my favorite bloggers… but I do save them to read! I wish I’d seen this before, to add link in my post. I have each of those photos… except gorgeous V-man, who I would have been too buys gawking at to catch a photo of! Creepy characters abound, but it’s all part of the magic that is NYC. LOVE that you and your boy had this adventure together! And a GIANT Mazel on the publication of the new book! I can’t wait to read it… it sounds fabulous!!


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