A Day (And Lifetime) Of Overthinking

I think too much.

I’ve always known this about myself, but a recent outing reiterated it.

Though overthinking is said to be an introvert trait, I’m sure plenty of extroverts master the art too. In fact, endless rumination is probably an equal opportunity affliction. For example, Mr. Rubin has introvert traits, yet he never overthinks anything. Other than perhaps why he married me.

Today’s post takes you on a pictorial journey of my most recent ruminations at a place where, oddly enough, no thinking should be required at all: the Ohio State Fair.

Please. Somebody stop me.

Too late…

ohio state fair sign 2


*   *   *

grout and me 2


*   *   *

deep fried gummies 2


*   *   *

flashing chief wahoo 2


*   *   *

pig race 2


*   *   *

fat pig race 2


Are you an overthinker? Or do you let go of thoughts faster than a pig at a pig race?              

*     *     *

Rubin4Carrie Rubin is the author of The Seneca Scourge and the upcoming Eating Bull. For full bio, click here.

318 Responses to “A Day (And Lifetime) Of Overthinking”

  1. frederick anderson

    Love these thoughts – keep making them! As to deep-fried Gummy Bears: not as outlandish as they sound. I say this as one who lives uncomfortably close to Scotland, where they fry choc-ices and Mars Bars in batter without fear of arrest…I always feel that to be the true test of a democracy.


    • Carrie Rubin

      Thank you!

      I heard from someone else that the deep-fried Mars Bar originated in Scotland. But as Americans are known to do, we just can’t leave things alone, and now every possible candy seemed to be deep-fried at this fair. I was tempted to try a deep-fried Snickers, just to say I did. But I refrained. Sometimes we have to weigh being adventurous with foregoing a 1,000-calorie consumption…


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