Skipping into Happiness

Image from Pixabay, Public Domain

Image from Pixabay, Public Domain

Since this feels like a Lazy Blog Day, I thought I’d share a recent tweet I tweeted (say that ten times fast) after a drive past my local park.

Yes, I know, rather sentimental for an INTJ like myself, but watching this child skip along so blissfully plunged me into the Here and Now, a place I rarely visit. Usually I’m poking around in the Future. Seeing such sheer happiness filled me with a sweet warmth I carried with me for the rest of the day.

Of course, as a pediatrician, I also noted she was maybe four years old—a year ahead of her developmental milestone for skipping. What a gross motor champion she is!

Ah, there’s the INTJ in me.

I’m headed to a conference soon, so forgive me for closing comments. But it IS a lazy blog day, after all.

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