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Recently I gave up blogging to have more time to work on my third novel, a paranormal medical thriller. The move paid off. Not only did I finish my final draft, I’ve had it edited too, putting me right back on track to query it next month at ThrillerFest, where I’ll also be participating on an author panel. (What, me worry? Just ignore that sound of my teeth chattering.)


Do writers need their books professionally edited before they seek traditional publication? Not necessarily. Depends on the vigor of your beta reads, your self-editing skills, your thoughts on self-publishing should the traditional route not pan out (because if you indie publish, you will definitely want to hire an editor first). But in my case, I wanted as polished a manuscript as I could before I met with agents.

Enter Indie-Scribable, a new editing service by author and editor Kevin Brennan. Though geared toward self-published authors, he took on my project and was able to work within my narrow timeframe. Right time, right place kind of thing. Phew!


What a pleasure it was to work with Kevin. His professionalism and expertise are topnotch, and his insights invaluable. Not only did he tidy up my grammar, syntax, and punctuation mishaps, he helped clarify my metaphors and story bits that didn’t make sense. (Rest assured, if you have a bad metaphor, a reviewer will find it, and oh let the mocking begin. So thank you, Kevin.) Plus, he offered advice on how to hone the ending, keeping it in check with the rest of the novel’s tone.

I couldn’t be happier with the results. Knowing I now have a clean manuscript to query is an enormous relief.

So I wanted to step out of my blog exile to sing Indie-Scribable’s praises to any writers in search of an editor. If you’ve read any of Brennan’s novels (he’s both traditionally and indie published), you’ll know he’s a wonderful writer. Now you’ll know he’s a terrific editor too.

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Note: Since word-of-mouth is often the best way to find editors, I wanted to list two others:

Kate Johnston’s Coaching and Writing Services

Sue Archer Wordsmith/Editor

Johnston has also published two handbooks for writers. Definitely worth checking out.

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