New Book on Relationships by Best-Selling Author Larry Brooks! “Chasing Bliss: A Layman’s Guide to Love, Fulfillment, Damage Control, Repair and Resurrection”

Readers of my blog will know my favorite books on the craft of writing are those by Larry Brooks: Story Engineering, Story Physics, and Story Fix. In fact, my copy of Story Engineering is so dog-eared it barks. So what a treat to see Brooks branch out and write a book on relationships, one that was inspired by his own journey to finding relationship bliss.


It was another treat to be asked to write the book’s foreword, a task I approached as both a medical professional and a long-time married woman. (But as to how long, I’m not saying. Why make the math any easier?)

What I enjoyed about this book was its no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is style, a style Larry uses in his books on writing as well. As much as I love me some Frasier Crane words, straight talk and practicality appeal to me more.

So I’m happy to share the news about Larry’s new book. It’s now available in both e-book and paperback forms. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, I encourage you to check it out and spread the word!

Chasing Bliss: A Layman’s Guide to Love, Fulfillment, Damage Control, Repair and Resurrection by Larry Brooks

By the way, for you writers out there, if you don’t already follow Larry’s website,, I highly recommend it. You’ll find a wealth of information on craft.

Two Other New Releases:

While I’m here, I’d like to mention two other new releases by some author friends:

to hunt a sub

To Hunt a Sub by J. Murray, a thriller in which a PhD candidate, an ex-Seal, and an experimental robot team up to prevent terrorists from stealing the Trident Submarine, America’s most powerful nuclear weapon. I look forward to reading it.


genesis redux

Genesis Redux (The Transcendence Trilogy Book 3) by Dylan S. Hearn, the final book in the Transcendence Trilogy. I read the first two and thoroughly enjoyed them. This time “nobody is safe as the once secret struggle to control humanity’s future breaks out into the open.”


Congrats to these authors on their new releases!


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