Why I Included a Killer in EATING BULL and a Link to a Review by @BertholdGambrel

A recent review of Eating Bull (thank you, Berthold Gambrel!) got me thinking this might be a good time to introduce the book to new readers. Plus, my website is collecting dust, and it’s time to post something. Do you hear those crickets?

The reviewer acknowledges that a thriller, especially one with violence, is not his type of read, but the social theme of the novel drew him in. He refers to it as a “‘problem novel’–a novel meant to illustrate and draw attention to some societal problem.” I like that comparison, because it’s exactly what I wanted to do.

Why did I include a killer in a novel meant to explore body-shaming, obesity, and the food industry’s role in it? Because I write thrillers. That’s what I like to read; that’s what I like to write. I enjoy those life-or-death stakes. (Well, reading them, not living them.)

But I also have a professional interest in the contributors to obesity, and since plenty of nonfiction books exist on the topic, I wanted to weave the issue into a fictional story.

Eating Bull explores three viewpoints, from one extreme to the other:

  • That society plays a huge role in our weight gain and must finally pay the piper
  • That both the individual and society play a role, but that society must make changes so it’s easier for us to change too
  • That it’s entirely the individual’s fault

⭐️Starring in role one: a social-justice crusading public health nurse.

⭐️Starring in role two: an overweight teenager who sues the food industry at the behest of the nurse.

⭐️Starring in role three: a demented killer who takes it upon himself to solve the problem—in a very bloody way.

The food industry alone can’t be the villain. Not only is that unfair, it makes for a boring antagonist. I needed a human character, and Darwin fit the bill.

So for anyone who’d like to know more about the novel and whether it might be for them, I refer you to Berthold Gambrel’s review on his blog, A Ruined Chapel by Moonlight. Incidentally, Mr. Gambrel is an author himself. His books can be found on his blog or on his Amazon page.

For those who’ve already read my book(s), thank you so much for all your support. There are millions of books to choose from. The fact you chose mine means the world.

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standing color cropped tiny for blog postsCarrie Rubin is a medical thriller author with a background in medicine and public health. Her novels include Eating Bull and The Seneca Scourge. For full bio, click here.

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