Psst… Do You Know What a Book Publicist Does? by @McKinneyPR

A publicist for less than twelve dollars? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, you might not be able to hire a publicist for that price, but you can get a whole lot of insider advice for it.

Do You Know What a Book Publicist Does, by Claire McKinney

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A few weeks ago, I was the lucky winner of a book giveaway for Do You Know What a Book Publicist Does by public-relations expert Claire McKinney. (Yay me!) Because the book contains so much useful information for authors, I awoke from my blogging slumber to share it with you.

From the basics of helping you define your marketing goals to the actual execution of your campaign, you’ll find tips and tricks of the trade.

For some authors, the book goes beyond what they are likely to pursue—television spots, book-signing tours, big-press coverage—but it also explores avenues indie authors will want to take to get the word out about their books. This includes online marketing, seeking reviews, and making the most of local media options.

The section on creating a press kit is particularly useful. As McKinney says, your “pitch should light the fire and the press release, Q&A, bio, talking points … are the fuel that will build the bonfire of interest from media and potential readers.”

Also helpful is the guidance regarding lead times: how much time you need in advance of your publication date to pursue various channels. For example, many of the industry review sites like Foreword Reviews or Library Journal require a three to four month lead time.

So authors, if you’re looking for more insight on what to do in the months before your book comes out (and after), McKinney’s book is a must-read.

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Happy reading and happy writing to you all!

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