Improve Your #Wellbeing with Baby Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle, March Calendar

Since people seemed to enjoy my February wellness calendar, here’s one for March. Thirty-one small things we can do to improve our well-being. Okay, thirty. I took some liberties with March 27th. But hey, reading is good for you too!

Will I make it all the way to the December calendar? I don’t know, maybe. If I do, repetition is inevitable.

Then again, isn’t repetition the path to a healthier lifestyle?

Baby step + baby step + baby step → repeated actions → habit = change

March Baby Steps To A Healthier LIfestyle Calendar--Carrie Rubin

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A very happy March to you all!

What’s on your calendar this month, wellness-related or otherwise?

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standing color cropped tiny for blog postsCarrie Rubin is a medical thriller author with a background in medicine and public health. For full bio and a list of her books, including soon-to-be released The Bone Curse, click here.

The Bone Curse by Carrie Rubin

Medicine has no cure for evil…

The Bone Curse is a strong medical thriller—inclusive, skillfully written, and inviting.”—Foreword Reviews 


113 Responses to “Improve Your #Wellbeing with Baby Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle, March Calendar”

  1. Jay

    Having just come back from a 10 day film festival, I did lots of walking but also lots of sitting, and plenty of bad eating. My body is craving veggies right now, and the hot tub, so I’m going to listen.


    • Carrie Rubin

      I bet you’re exhausted. A hot bath is in order too. I’m in Hollywood with my son right now as I type this. We head home tomorrow, but we had a good time. I did plenty of bad eating of my own.


  2. kourtneyheintz2

    This is so cool! Baby steps are key. I started taking walks on your advice and my physical therapist’s. I did 30 minutes 2x a week, then 45 mins 3 times, and now I’m doing 75 minutes a day. I didn’t hurt anything because I eased into it. Now my walk is my favorite part of the day. 🙂



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