Improve Your #Wellbeing with Baby Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle, May Calendar

Baby Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle May Calendar carrierubin dot com

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Welcome to May!

A new month means a new Baby Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle calendar. This might be my last one, though. Interest out there seems to be waning.

That’s okay. Everything old is new again, and everything new gets old quick, right?

But for now, here are small things we can do daily to improve our well-being. Over time, small steps lead to big changes.

A happy and healthy May to you all!

Speaking of everything old is new again, what’s one thing from the past you hope never makes a comeback? Personally, I’m going with big hair and leg-warmers. I used to have both.*

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*And you thought I was kidding.

*     *     *

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95 Responses to “Improve Your #Wellbeing with Baby Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle, May Calendar”

  1. J.B. Whitmore

    How about those leotard leg holes that went up over the top of the hip bones? It was a pretty good look for Jane Fonda, but … And those big holes kept getting bigger until they evolved into thongs, (hijacking a word I still accidentally use for footwear, to the glee of our children).

    My favorite advice from you this month: pet a pet.


  2. Rilla Z

    Ah, the leg warmers and Reebok high tops. Reminds me of my “Get In Shape Girl” jump roping days. I took my Get In Shape Girl music with me to college, determined not to gain the freshman 5. Friends would start dancing in the dorm corridor when the 80s oom-chugga rhythm began. Nothing like 80s music and clothes…

    I like your May calendar, especially the encouragement to walk at the end of the day! I need to make that happen this week. Thanks!


  3. L. Marie

    I never want to wear shoulder pads again. Ever. I remember the suits with shoulder pads that sometimes became misshapen or even fell out.

    Never again!


  4. Curmudgeon-at-Large

    Whigs, the Whig Party, narrow black ties with white shirts, sideburns ..

    I actually like the Full Cleveland (a white polyester leisure suit with white belt and white shoes and a lime green shirt) just so long as I am not the one wearing it.


    • Carrie Rubin

      Ha, I never knew it was called the Full Cleveland. Too funny. As for sideburns, they did come back, but at least they’re not quite as pronounced as they once were. Although I have seen a few that were quite long and full…


  5. Sue Slaght

    I hope not gone forever Carrie. Maybe just a break over the summer months? I always feel like things are more manageable when broken down this way. I appreciate the reminders and the nudge.
    Oh and have I mentioned for the hundred time how much I loved your last book The Bone Curse?

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  6. Curt Mekemson

    May 30… Instead of listening to news, listen to music. Incredibly good advice for now, Carrie. 🙂 –Curt


  7. Diane Henders

    I used to try to be fashionable when I was younger, but now I’m at the point where every time a “new” style appears, I recognize it from the last time it was “new”. I’m just hoping wasp-waisted whalebone corsets never come back… 😉


    • Carrie Rubin

      That would not be pleasant for sure.

      It’s funny, because I had already written this post when I saw yours last week about the waist pouch. Now there’s a fashion fad that came back when nobody ever thought it would!


  8. Book Club Mom

    Oh yes, big hair was my obsession, along with big earrings and big shoulder pads. I’m starting to get my walks in after work, maybe I can switch to after dinner tonight!

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  9. TammieLP

    Brown polyester leisure suits worn with a mustard yellow shirt with very big and very pointy collars. Please no, never again!!!! Oh, and stirrup pants.

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  10. Erika

    Here’s hoping wearing overall shorts with one of the straps undone never makes a comeback. That plus my backwards newsboy cap made my middle school years ultra cringey!

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  11. curvyroads

    I love your calendars and I hope others do too!

    Let’s not bring back shoulder pads, or hip hugger pants with giant bell bottoms. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • Carrie Rubin

      Yes, shoulder pads are definitely up there for me too. Bell-bottoms might make a comeback though. After all, high-waisted jeans have, and who ever thought that would happen? Both are unflattering. 😄

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