Vanishing Act

This past year, my blog posting has been sparser than sparse, but I’ve still visited many blogs and left likes and comments. Unfortunately, I need to step away from even that now. Something positive is on my horizon, and I need to be a good little worker bee to get there.

I considered just disappearing, simply dissolving into the ether, but the polite Midwesterner in me would not allow it. Plus, I know how we tend to develop a case of “whatever happened to?…” when someone vanishes from our blogs.

Therefore, I wish you all the best, and as always, I appreciate the support you’ve shown me. I’ll continue to frequent Twitter and Facebook, and I may return to blogging down the road, but until then, stay happy, healthy, and well, and have a wonderful rest of your summer!

Image from Pixabay, no attribution required.

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standing color cropped tiny for blog postsCarrie Rubin is a medical thriller author with a background in medicine and public health. For full bio and a list of her books, click here.

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